Welcome to Pyccel’s documentation!

Pyccel stands for Python extension language using accelerators.

The aim of Pyccel is to provide a simple way to generate automatically, parallel low level code. The main uses would be:

  1. Convert a Python code into a low-level target language (Fortran or C)
  2. Accelerate a selected Python code, by using a pre-process, where the original code is translated into a low-level language, then compiled using f2py for example.

In order to achieve these tasks, in Pyccel we deal with the following points:

  1. Implement a new Python parser (we do not need to cover all Python grammar)
  2. Enrich Python with new statments to provide multi-threading (although some of them already exist) at the target level
  3. Extends the concepts presented in sympy allowing for automatic code generation.

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