Viewer Menu

Zoom In/Out

Can be done by moving the mouse wheel or its equivalent on laptop.

Camera Position

To change the camera position maintain the left button pressed while mouving the mouse.

Viewer Preferences

Shows the Viewer Preferences window which is a notebook containing the following pages

1- The grid page (Fig. viewer_actions_fig_preferences_grid).


Viewer Preferences: The grid page.

2- The colors page (Fig. viewer_actions_fig_preferences_colors).


Viewer Preferences: The colors page.

3- The viewer page (Fig. viewer_actions_fig_preferences_viewer).


Viewer Preferences: The viewer page.

Direct Actions


a rajouter

Right click Actions

  • 2D view

    Puts and fixes the camera perpendicular to the 2D plan

  • 3D view

    Unclampes the camera in order to have a 3D view

  • Show Grid

    Shows the grid (needs a 2D view)

  • Hide Grid

    Hides the grid

  • Grid as Points

    Sets the grid as points rather than lines

  • Grid as Lines

    Sets the grid as lines

  • Clear Markers

    Clears the Marker list points

  • Clear Selected Points

    Clears the Selected list points

  • Fixed Markers

    Uses the nearest point to the grid when selecting it from the viewer

  • Floating Markers

    Uses a Floating Marker (the opposite of Fixed Markers action)

  • Add Marker

    Edits and adds a new Marker

  • Import Markers

    Imports Markers from a given file

  • Export Markers

    Exports and save the Markers points list

  • Print

    Prints the current viewer

  • Preferences

    See Viewer Preferences for more details.